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France's fmnt electrical(china) CO., LTD.
ADDress:China's hebei province shijiazhuang
city huijin building
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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSWe have our own research and development, production and sales team, providing customers with electrical material analysis, measurement, protection, control solution. Our service is fully, one-on-one service. We are engaged in electrical material production and sales of manufacturers. In this field, we have a history of more than 30 years, our products have been sold to the international market, our company label is: full of confidence, high quality service, innovative and enterprising, agile development. Our products are mainly divided into two categories: to improve the utilization ratio of energy products, and energy, industrial and infrastructure related products. Movement is the internationalization of our market, because we are flexible and efficient, so we can according to the requirements of customers personalized, offer them a concrete solution.
Enterprise development direction: our ability of flexibility allows us to find the current and the demand of the market in the future, to give our customers a best solution, The French company FMNT think the most important thing is clear enterprise development direction, rather than determine enterprise's development goals. Because has been clear about the direction of enterprise development can allows us to continually improve, allows us to focus on the future progress.
Enterprise idea: we have five basic ideas
Full of confidence Everyone must have enough confidence
Meet the target Guided by the result of things
High quality service To provide high quality service to the customer
Innovation and enterprising We should have the spirit of enterprising
Flexible open We have been in a flexible and open mind to accept change
Quality: the quality of our first standard is the biggest satisfaction to customers
Our products must comply with all standards, legal, technical requirements, our quality control system from design, production and sales of all the control link.